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Update on the National Living Wage #budgetincare

Dear Members,Further to our recent update we thought we would continue to update you on our progress with the NLW changes and discussions with the Local Authority.KiCA have been advising the Local Authority with a price calculator which has been endorsed by the board which helps breakdown costs and levels of expected fees following the budget announcements for both Community Care providers and Care Home providers:Please view the following downloadable attachments which have been given to the Local Authority in a recent meeting:Care Home Costs CalculatorCommunity Care CalculatorWritten KiCA report on NLWAny questions you may have on these above attachments please do contact us at

The National View:

As this issue will impact the entire sector as you can imagine the national view is also relevant as the voice for change gathers some pace.Please see the following attachments from some of the national associations, a press release from the CAA of which KiCA is a board member and a survey which was produced from the NCA in recent weeks gathering opinions of its membership nationally.CAA Press release on NLW developmentsNCA Survey Results Aug 2015 on NLWIt is very important that you download and review all the attachments on this email as it allows you to understand the position of the sector and reutilise in any local endeavours you are pursuing on behalf of your business.

Membership Renewals:

Further to our last update you will have all received the latest membership renewal details - as we enter a very important part of the sectors history with NLW and the next contract renewals for local authorities we hope you join the cause for a better future in care. This can only come with a collaborative voice for the independent sector and our membership is vital to that cause.We hope to see you all renew to link alongside the development of new members who have not joined before. We also need to ensure that all of your membership information is upto date. - we rely heavily on our mailing list to ensure you are all aware of what we are doing as an association without correct email addresses and contact information this cannot happen and will keep you out of the loop. So please do check your details with us and ensure the new documentation is popoulated:Membership Renewal SheetFor further information please do ensure you follow our blog and twitterfeed as this has constant updates and shared knowledge which you will find useful

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