About us

KiCA is a collaborative social enterprise helping to shape the future of social care and health in Kent and Medway by:

  • Acting as a lead advocate for socially responsible care businesses in Kent & Medway
  • Analysing and sharing information on the emerging demands for care services amongst our 1.6m residents
  • Representing the provider perspective in discussion with council and health commissioners
  • Providing training and development opportunities for leaders and staff
  • Helping our members to understand and use new technology to run their businesses more effectively and efficiently

The rationale for establishing KICA is to ensure that independent providers have a necessary degree of influence and leverage with the local authority, CCG’s and Health and Wellbeing Boards, as well as retaining links with local voluntary agencies and national agencies and organisations. In order to be sustainable in the transformed social care market, in which public authorities will be commissioning services from prime contractors, SME’s will need to demonstrate that they are focused on and can achieve the outcomes that will be required and determined by commissioners, prime contractors, families and individual service users.

These outcome based services and products will need to be not only safe and compliant with regulations, but also financially viable, capable of attracting investment, responsive and adaptable to changing market conditions and customer needs, and personalised. In anticipation of this step change, the KCHA, KCCA and KMCA are combining to maximising their potential in a new organisation, the KICA, that can represent independent and voluntary service providers within this emergent and challenging operating environment.

The objectives of the KCA are to:

  • Represent the interests of all (both SME’s and corporate, private and voluntary) service providers and not only those contracted with KCC.
  • Integrate, maintain benefits and operate on behalf of the membership of the Kent Trade Associations.
  • Ensure representation of service providers on strategic regional (KCC Stakeholder and Locality Health & Wellbeing Boards) and national bodies and associations.
  • Have a robust and effective business and operational plan aligned with local (CCG localities) services, supply and support networks (including partnership arrangements with voluntary organisations).
  • Offer a programme of development and improvement with services and benefits to its membership that will enable them to meet national statutory and regulatory requirements, local and health authority contractual compliance and ensure best practice in the care and support they provide to service users and their families.
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