We have big news

Kent Care Professionals website has now launched and are we are already starting to get some interest from candidates looking to work in Social Care.

We are also pleased to announce that Laura Slade has joined us as our Recruitment Manager. She is fantastic and I am sure she will get to know many of you. She is available at Laura.slade@kica.care

When a candidate signs up they are asked to tell us what kind of work they are interested in and are taken down different pathways.

1. New to care and want to know more

2. Experienced and looking for a full-time role

3. Experienced and looking for more flexible, bank work

Support our workforce challenges.

New to Care

Anyone new to care will be sent a number of automated emails explaining more about the opportunities available to them. They will also be enrolled on free online training available to complete in their own time and they will be contacted by Recruitment Manager Laura Slade.

Depending on the candidate’s location and preferences, Laura will introduce them to the local provider that matches their needs.

Experienced and looking for full time

Candidates will receive a number of emails to explain what Kent Care Professionals are doing across the county and how we can help them. Laura will also speak to them and match them with a local provider.

Experienced and looking for flexible work

These candidates will be onboarded to the new Kent staff bank by our partner Florence. Once onboarded fully they will be available to you to access via the Florence portal.

Additional FREE resources for our members

We are also offering you a number of other benefits FREE for 6 months funded by the LA.

– Free overtime/bank booking platform to help you fill gaps quickly with your own staff – reducing your agency needs by 40% or more

– Free access to an eLearning system to help you

– Free access to the new exclusive Kent staff bank

What do I need to do as a care provider?

Any candidates looking to get into care or looking for perm roles please complete the form on the https://www.kentcareprofessionals.co.uk/ website under get started OR alternatively we are working up our Jobs Board for available roles in the sector in Kent so please browse these Job Descriptions at https://www.kentcareprofessionals.co.uk/available-roles.

If you would like access to the new Kent staff bank, the shift filling tool, or the learning system then you will need to be set up as a user.

Please let me know by completing this form (https://forms.gle/GKNYHQuoC4uqjxz87) and you will be contacted in the coming days.

What if I am already a customer of Florence Flex

Don’t worry nothing changes, the only difference is you will now be able to gain access to the Kent bank workers.

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