Superior Healthcare Care Group Discusses Their International Recruitment Grant Experience

KiCA caught up with Jo Rychlik, Head of HR, to discussing why accessing these grants has been so important to the company.

Why recruit internationally?

SuperiorHealthcare Care Group has been proactively addressing the longstanding recruitment challenges within the care sector, which have been further exacerbated by the impact of Brexit. Embarking on a comprehensive strategy to attract and retain top talent, we adopted a multifaceted approach to attract and retain talent. This not only included nurturing homegrown talent and enhancing training programs but broadening our search to include international recruitment avenues.

How easy was it to obtain a sponsorship licence? 

It was reasonably straightforward, bolstered by clear guidance available on the government website. Despite a waiting period of just over 8 weeks, obtaining the licence has been instrumental in our recruitment and retain strategy. 

How did the grant help? 

The financial support from the grants alleviated the costs of sponsorship already made, freeing up resources for other areas of the business. We continue to offer sponsorship contracts to new international employees, therefore any financial assistance with the cost is proving crucial for supporting our business.

A key part of our international recruitment strategy has been the offer of three-year contracts, a move that has significantly reduced our traditionally high turnover rates and improved staff retention. This approach has not only fostered a more stable and diverse workforce but has also garnered positive feedback from our clients, demonstrating our commitment to both employee welfare and exceptional client care.

Did you use the fund to help with sponsorship fees or have you used it to support your recruit since they have joined your organisation? 

The grants have been specifically used to offset the direct costs associated with international recruitment.  

Was the process of applying for the grant easy?

KICA made the process very straightforward and easy to follow. We received a link to an online application and only needed to provide details of our CQC registration, business name and address and the name of the person completing the application, as well as the business bank account number.

The entire application and decision process must have taken less than 3 days. This must have been one of the easiest, stressless, and actually pleasant, application processes I have been involved in, because of its simplicity but also the people involved in managing the grant (Molly in particular).

Any final thoughts you’d like to share?

Just a big thank you to KICA. Really appreciate your invaluable support and smooth handling of the process. And thank you to Molly again for being so super helpful.



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