Provider Led Survey Needs Your input

As part of our work advocating on behalf of providers, we've teamed up with the other care associations in the South East region to launch a provider-led survey which is going out to thousands of providers today – link here:

Last year, the results of this survey were fed directly into bodies at a national and regional level. As one of the only examples of provider-led research, this survey is seen as an authoritative piece of work which is taken seriously by influential bodies in Adult Social Care. Link to last year’s results is here:

This survey needs to be completed by a senior manager who has detailed knowledge of finance and workforce issues. All responses are completely anonymous.

This survey is being coordinated by SESCA – the South East Social Care Alliance – a regional body bringing together Care Associations across the region.

Again, here’s the link:

We know you have a huge amount to do and that there are a lot of requests out there for information, and demands on your time. However, we really feel this provider-led survey will make a difference.

Thank you in advance for your time.

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