KiCA Explores Unlocking Global Talent With Aspens Charities

Aspens’ mission is to provide high quality care and support to individuals on the autism spectrum and with learning disabilities; meeting their needs and aspirations and empowering them to learn and grow through an integrated network of services across the South-East.

KiCA caught up with Jo Gouldthorpe, Director of People, to discuss unlocking global talent in social care and why accessing two international recruitment grants has been so important to the company.

1. Why recruit internationally?

In the face of soaring vacancy numbers and persistent challenges in recruiting within the social care sector, organisations have been compelled to cast their nets wider in search of qualified and experienced professionals. International recruitment emerged as a viable solution, offering access to a broader pool of talent and filling critical roles that were traditionally hard to staff. Moreover, embracing international recruitment initiatives has fostered greater diversity within organisations, a crucial aspect in meeting the evolving needs of communities and ensuring inclusive service delivery.

2. How easy was it to obtain a sponsorship licence?

Securing a sponsorship licence is a pivotal step in facilitating international recruitment efforts. Despite initial apprehensions, the process proved to be more straightforward than anticipated. In 2023, our organisation successfully acquired a sponsorship licence. While navigating the system presented some challenges, the overall experience was relatively smooth, with timely feedback confirming the approval of our application.

3. How did the grant help?

The support provided through International Recruitment grants proved instrumental in alleviating the financial burden associated with sponsorship fees and administrative overheads. These grants not only facilitated the recruitment of international talent but also enabled us to allocate resources towards comprehensive onboarding processes and ongoing support for new hires. By easing the financial strain, the grants empowered us to focus on nurturing a diverse and skilled workforce capable of delivering high-quality care services.

4. Was the process of applying for the grant easy?

The application process for securing International Recruitment grants was remarkably streamlined and user-friendly. Clear guidelines and prompt responses from the administering authorities expedited the process, ensuring that organisations could access the necessary financial support without unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles. Any enquiries or concerns were promptly addressed, further enhancing the accessibility and transparency of the grant application process.

5. Any final thoughts you’d like to share with other providers who haven’t yet accessed the grants?

For social care providers yet to explore the benefits of International Recruitment grants, the opportunity to tap into these resources is both invaluable and timely. Beyond the financial assistance, these grants represent a gateway to unlocking global talent and fortifying organisational resilience in the face of recruitment challenges. Embracing international recruitment not only enriches the diversity of our teams but also equips us with the expertise and perspectives needed to navigate the complexities of modern caregiving. Moreover, the guidance and support offered alongside these grants serve as a beacon of clarity amid the labyrinth of government regulations, empowering organisations to embark on their recruitment journeys with confidence and conviction.

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