Award Nomination for KiCA's Louise Faulkner

In an inspiring recognition of dedication and support within the health care research community, Louise Faulkner has been nominated for the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) Clinical Research Network Kent, Surrey and Sussex Research Support Award. These awards are a testament to the commitment of non-research staff who play an integral role in advancing research initiatives within the NHS.

Louise, whose efforts have been pivotal in facilitating research within homecare services across Kent, Surrey, and Sussex, received this nomination courtesy of Kelly Wilson.

Kelly praised her for her exceptional support and responsiveness. "Louise has been incredibly supportive in helping us disseminate information about our research to the KiCA network. Her involvement has been crucial in driving the project forward and sparking interest among providers in their network."

In addition to the nomination, Louise was also awarded a certificate, symbolising the gratitude and appreciation of her peers for her invaluable contribution to healthcare research. This award highlights the collaborative nature of healthcare research, underscoring the importance of various roles and how they collectively contribute to the advancement of healthcare services.

This nomination not only acknowledges her contributions but also shines a light on the vital role that support staff play in the realm of healthcare research and development.

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