Update from CAA

UPDATE FROM CAA Chair Erica Lockhart


Meeting 4th November with Rt Hon James Brokenshire with leaders in the Care industry held at the Home Office today. I was delighted to be invited to represent the Care Association Alliance – so we are being recognised!

Also there Andrea Sutcliffe, Nadra Ahmed, Des Kelly, Ian Turner Care Providers Alliance (by way Des advised that Frank Ursell has taken over as chair from Sheila Scott). NHS England director of operational delivery and Head of Programmes LGA. Also expected were Skills for Care and Ray James ADASS and Colin Angel from UKHCA.

Basically it was to brief us about the new approach to tackle illegal immigration through a collaborative approach and support. Leaflets are being developed by Home Office comms team and the request was we got this message out via our networks. This builds on the brief summary we had from SCA Chairman in the absence of our speaker at the last meeting. Jill was there and I have invited her to our meeting in January.

Just wanted to give you heads up. I’ve asked for all the regional contacts so that associations can ask for the help that was offered to Surrey e.g. fraud identification workshops, speakers.

There was no opportunity to ask about the levy for employing non EU staff – kindly alerted by Charles Taylor in Oxfordshire.


It's an "immigration Skills Levy" to be introduced in the new care act that will require all employers of workers from outside the EU to pay a levy. Details on how much this will be and whether it is paid by all employers are not currently forthcoming but it might be of interest to members as I would imagine it would affect a fairly large number so might be worth some lobbying?

Regional Managers Networks NSA now SfC

How many of you have contracts for these networks. Not many in the South East I know. I was asked to have a meeting with our local officer and the senior South East manager. We run three now in Surrey and have grown them very successfully. We get grand sum of £1500 each per year (down from £2000 in previous years). SCA subsidise them even though we have to also accept non subscribers including those from out of Surrey.

It was not a good start to my day yesterday to be informed that we will need to do an expression of interest IN PARTNERSHIP with SfC - that the local officer would be in support in future and that they would be chaired by a Registered Manager. And here it comes there would be a very minimal budget – likely a few hundred to cover teas and coffees.

No recognition of the hard work SCA have put in – and will I do this in partnership with no income – very unlikely. Firstly I won’t be able to pay my colleague who currently runs them and has worked hard on development. Secondly he has tried very hard to get the RM’s to chair – no chance they highly value his input and also they are so pressured workload wise. And thirdly why should SCA use their funds to support this when it would become a SfC event.

So I just wanted to ask you – did you know about this change? Do you have a different view to Surrey? I’ve already talked to Paul Richardson at DH who apparently has the budget and he has given me the name of his Senior Manager to approach. He said they want to do more to support RM’s. Do let me know your reaction. I have not had good experiences with SfC in recent times so it may be harder for me to be objective about it.

Debbie and Roger have been at the NEC last two days. Apparently a very useful experience. Hope some of you were able to make it.

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