Our latest report takes at a look the massive challenge that is waiting for care providers and local authorities to provide enough care homes beds for the ageing population over the next 10 years.The 75 plus population will grow by 37% in England by 2027, and by 43% in the South East, which means the region will need to provide 30,000 new beds, or 3,000 each year - when there has been little or no increase during 2016.And if this already sounds too difficult, supply is commissioned in a local authority, not across a region, and the report details how varied the challenge is for each authority.

CQCratings comparison

As the chart above shows, the increase in the key 75 plus population varies between 27% in Brighton & Hove and 70% in Milton Keynes.

London Supply and Demand

And at the start of the 10 year challenge, there are wide variances in the availability of beds per '000 75 plus population - from 50% of the national average in West Berkshire, up to 28% above in the Isle of Wight.Our report details the very different challenges for each of the 19 local authorities in the South England. To view a preview of the report click here. Or to see the full report click here.

The data used in the above report is taken from CSI's own market intelligence model, called The CHAMP (Care Home Analysis of Market Potential). For more information click here

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