KiCA - Care Bill Cost Consultation attended by Kevin Parker

To keep the membership aware of what the KiCA board are doing on Monday 9th March 2015 - VC Kevin Parker attended a meeting in London with multiple agencies including Local Authority representatives to discuss the Care costs which will be associated to the Care Bill in 2016.

Please see Kevin's notes below plus at the bottom you can download the slides from the sessions:


Introduction. Sara Masson – DoH Head of Charging Policy for Adult Social Care.


The aim of the Act is about preventing and postponing the need for care.

Plans to publish final intentions post May election.

Revised definitions of rich and poor within the act – funding reform £72k cap set.

Based on the ongoing cost of eligible care need for self-funders based on the cost it would be to the local authority. £230 per week deducted for daily living costs.

£118,000 upper limit – applies to care homes only, £27,000 upper limit. Does this process need simplification?

No firm guidance about direct payments in care homes available yet.

Personal budgets for care cost to be decided as part of LA assessment.


A means to review council decisions relating to care and support. An independent reviewer appointed to review and make recommendation to LA.

Workshop 1. Care cost cap – extended means test.

Cap is not a target to be reached!

Daily living cost are a notional amount set in regulation.

KCC rate less £230 = eligible care cost element.

“Meet my needs” = possibility of of LA placing the private client at their “usual rates”.

IPB = independent personal budget – therefore a LA “usual cost” should not apply.

Considerable confusion about which upper limit applies when in residential care if a property is or isn't disregarded? Ie 27k or 118k??

Move to ensure that AA at upper limit be retained to clients in Res. Care to ensure client is not worse of for taking LA funded care support.

DOH aware of low LA prices V higher private fees and the cross subsidy that exists. LA view is that this places the LA in a difficult position. DOH view is that LA’s need to work more closely with the sector to resolve this dilemma?

Workshop 2. Metering towards the cap.

Mechanical elements of the cap.

IPB new to care cap calculation. Ability to combine a carer budget with a service user care needs budget.

Self funders: LA may wish to calculate a IPB based on a system of averages.( risk of this looking like a LA “usual rate”? This could be an “option 1” lighter touch assessment. The choice of an option 2 more in depth care and support planning to continue as an option as an alternative to arrive at a more detailed figure.

1 in 8 people are expected to reach the care cap.

No requirement for a client to prove that the IPB has been spent on the assessed need.

DH to look at the issue of the private / LA usual rate disparity and the effects on the market place.

Care Accounts:

LA must maintain the rate each client is metering from their IPB and what hey have accrued to date. Must provide an annual statement. LA to provide a next steps advice within 18 months of reaching the cap.

Care account is mobile between LA boundaries.

We hope these notes are helpful but also attached are the slides from this consultation for your to download!

ADASS Overview Slides - Click to DownloadDOH Overview of Consultation Slides - Click to DownloadCap and Extended Means Test Slides - Click to DownloadMetering towards the Cap Slides - Click to DownloadWorking Age Adults Slides - Click to Download Appeals Workshops Slides - Click to DownloadWe hope this information helps and await your comments...

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