Kent Police are looking to work in partnership with KICA members

Kent Police are looking to work in partnership with KICA members to assist in developing new Police Officers.

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Kent Police are looking to partner with companies and charities involved with mental and physical disability, elderly people and dementia, to assist in developing new Police Officers.During the initial training of new officers they attend a ‘Community Placement’ for a period of 2 days, and further into their career another placement of 4 days. The purpose is to allow student officers immerse themselves and gain experience of every community that live and work in the County.The experience and knowledge gained from these placements ensures that they can go on to provide the best level of service to the people of Kent once their training is complete.

We have been very fortunate that the Chief Constable of Kent, along with the Police and Crime Commissioner, have increased recruitment of officers into Kent, and as part of that process every student officer has to complete these community placements.Kent Police are looking to increase the number and variety of placements and wonder if you would be willing to participate by hosting student officers during their training.

Below is a brief summary of the placements and where they fall within the training programme for new officers:

The first placement is for 2 days whilst the student officers are undergoing their 19 week initial training course. The purpose of this placement is to allow the new officers to engage with differing communities and gain a better understanding and appreciation of how Kent Police can engage and work with them. At the conclusion of this placement the students prepare a short presentation to deliver back to their colleagues on what they have learned and how this will influence them as a Police officer within Kent.

The second placement takes place after they have been operational officers for a few months. This placement is for 4 days and it allows officers to gain further understanding of the communities in which they live and work, after they have already completed some operational police work. At the conclusion of this placement the officers prepare a short presentation to deliver to their colleagues with the learning and experience they have gained.Representatives from each partner organisation are more than welcome to attend these presentations at Kent Police College.

This is a great opportunity KICA members to get involved in shaping and developing new Police Officers before they serve the Communities of Kent throughout their career.If this sounds like something you'd like to get involved please feel free to contact

Sarah Meloni, Diversity Placements Officer.

Practical Skills Training

01622 777688

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