As part of KiCA's agenda to continue dialogue with the Local Authority over all matters we can announce 2 major areas of discussion currently running:

  1. KiCA Representatives - Dan McDowell, Tim Cheshire & Adam Hutchison will be meeting with Graham Gibbons on the 22nd October 2015 to discuss the impact of the NLW and the cost calculations we have provided as a group to KCC
  2. WEALTH DEPLETER & DEFERRED PAYMENT ISSUES - Many members in the Care Home Sector have highlighted issues with KCC Around Wealth Depleters and Deferred Payees - regards sanctions on Care Contracts KiCA have produced a Letter to detail the issues around this and how we feel this is an unfair issue - Please see the letter sent to KCC by clicking here. Wealth Issue KCC Letter

Dear Members,

In response to the above 2 points KiCA would like to update their members on the outcomes.

1: A scheduled meeting on 22nd October at 5pm with KCC Commissioning Heads and Mr Graham Gibbons - which was also attended by major contracted providers and the National Care Association Chair went ahead. In the meeting the following points where discussed at length.

  • National Living Wage
  • The National Spending review
  • KCC Plans for aiding the care Sector in Kent

The meeting was attended by 4 members of the KiCA board Dan MacDowell, Kevin Parker, Tim Cheshire & Adam Hutchison. The cost calculations presented to members at our recent Members Forum were delivered in detail to the members of KCC highlighting the major issues surrounding a shortage in funding. Also many of the consequences which could occur if the funding crisis is not addressed to help support the increase in National Living Wage requirements.

KCC were in agreement that this is a serious problem. We were all informed by KCC that central government had got the message and we await the results of the government’s spending review.Another meeting will be held by this group in December following the review to discuss the implications and way forward, your input is welcome for this meeting.This was a largely positive meeting which showed a united front from all parties on ensuring the spending review reflects the current situation although we await the response from the spending review on 25th November 2015 to update our membership.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2: A meeting was held with KCC Commissioning on the 28th October 2015 to discuss our KiCA Letter sent on behalf of members with regards to Wealth Depleters and Deferred Payments. Please see here if you wish to read the letter - the meeting was attended by Kevin Parker , Kevin Post and Adam Hutchison.

The meeting was held positively with many of the points answered in favour of the sector:

  • It was agreed that under no circumstances are KCC Case Management or anyone other than KCC Commissioning team to place or threaten any sanctions on contracted providers.
  • In the contract it is agreed though that a Wealth Depleter is commissioned at the guide price and this has been agreed by signing the contract - although this does not mean you have to accept the client if you do not wish to as your agreement is your private agreement and not a KCC contracted individual until terms and pricing is agreed between yourselves as the provider and KCC as the New Contract holder.
  • An amendment to the contract is being considered to appease the issues with Wealth Depleters and Deferred Payments - working on an indicative cost possibly rather than guide price (we await confirmation on this) KiCA will update when this is released.
  • Appreciation that in the new contract for April 1st 2016 that a new process for these types of payments must be set out. This will mean a separate part of the contract for each item and not assumption that the guide price will be accepted by the sector

As these response are breif for the purpose of the news letter if you require further information or insight into both meetings please request a call back or send questions to

All round both of the above meetings where positive and showed a much more collaborative approach at present which we encourage to continue.


KiCA Executive Board

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