KCC DPS Provider Event

The next quarterly provider event is to be held on Wednesday 17th June at Sessions House Maidstone in the Lecture Theatre from 9.30am – 11.30am.

To confirm your attendance please email procurement.care@kent.gov.uk with the 2 names of the people who will be attending on behalf of your care home by Friday 5th June.

There will be a question and answer session towards the end of the presentation. To ensure all questions are answered and answered with consideration please submit them in advance by emailing

procurement.care@kent.gov.uk by Friday 5th June.

The complete agenda will be forwarded to yourself nearer the time, but as a draft it will include; KPIs, the Central Purchasing Team, an overview of the 2016 Relet Procurement Timetable and Questions

& Answers.

The Council cannot guarantee that every item will be included but if you would like to propose an agenda item and what you would like the Council to cover please also do so by emailing

procurement.care@kent.gov.uk by Friday 5th June.

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