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We would like to thank you for your hard work supporting the national flu vaccination programme in 2018/19 and the contribution this makes to protecting vulnerable people from flu.We have been working with the NHS and colleagues across the Social Care and Hospice sector to develop a survey to give us a better understanding of levels of flu vaccination uptake in our workforce in 2018/19. The results will help support future plans for the programme.Around 70% of acute respiratory outbreaks during the 2018/19 flu season were in care homes (source: Public Health England, May 2019). By providing flu vaccination to Social Care and Hospice workers we can help keep people healthy during flu season.As you will know, NHS England now offers the flu vaccine to Social Care and Hospice workers through GPs and community pharmacies, to complement occupational health programmes provided by employers, to help increase vaccine uptake.How do I take part?You can follow this link hereWho should complete the survey?These questions ask about how many staff received the flu vaccine, and how the vaccine was provided in your organisation. You may wish to consider who is best placed in your organisation to respond to these questions before completing the survey.Will my answers be shared?This survey is anonymous – you do not need to give your organisation’s name, and we will not receive or share any information that can identify you or your organisation. The overall results will be shared with providers by representative partner organisations.When is the closing date?Please complete the survey by 5th August 2019.Thank you for your participation.

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