Adult social care services in Kent will be working hard for the people of Kent this Christmas

Kent Integrated Care Alliance Asks The People Of Kent For SupportAnn Taylor, Chair of the Kent Integrated Care Alliance says:"Nineteen months ago we saw the first lockdown to help guard the community of Kent from the new Corona 19 virus.During this time Social Care Workers and Providers worked tirelessly to help protect our most vulnerable people across all sectors and at the same time prevent our hospitals from being overwhelmed.Family, friends and you the general public helped us enormously with your support and understanding.Now in 2021 as we approach Christmas and the New Year we ask for that support again.At the moment in Kent the experts tell us Covid 19 rates are high but hospital admissions remain stable. This is due to the excellent vaccine programme, which our Health colleagues have been implementing.However, during January and February 2022 we can expect to see an increase, (in the Kent population,) of the new Omicron variant, which will put added pressure on all our Health and Social Care Services.The good news is with the large uptake of the Booster Vaccinations, ample supply of PPE and Lateral Flow Tests, we are in a much better position then we were during the first lockdown.Perhaps our biggest worry this winter (apart from the weather) will be workforce issues. More staff having to isolate for long periods of time to make sure they remain safe to work with the vulnerable people we care for and protect. This will mean, at times, a diminished workforce.During these times there will be periods when we have to do things differently in order to pull through e.g. some calls in the community may have to be rearranged, visiting arrangements in Nursing/Residential care settings may change. etc.You can be sure though, we will be doing our very best to make sure everyone is cared for and safe.So once again, thank you to everyone for all your support over this difficult period and may we wish you a Happy Christmas and a Better New Year."

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