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PainChek’s mission is to provide a voice to those who cannot verbalise their pain, such as those living with dementia and other cognitive impairments. Its smartphone based medical device uses facial analysis and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify involuntary micro-facial expressions indicative of pain. Combined with other non-facial indicators, PainChek® enables fast, effective, and reliable pain scores, with the whole assessment process taking less than 2 minutes to complete.

KiCA members can benefit from a 5% discount on license fees.

PainChek joins forces with KiCA to revolutionise Pain Assessments in Kent.

Pain and dementia share a complex relationship, and understanding this relationship is key to effective pain management. In the UK, around 70% of care home beds are occupied by residents living with a form of Alzheimer’s or dementia. Of this group, 80% experience pain at any one time, with 50% experiencing persistent pain.

The self-reporting of pain is generally accepted as the best method for pain assessment, but this is not an accurate or reliable method when assessing pain for people living with a cognitive impairment such as dementia. To shed some light on this issue, PainChek has launched a new white paper: Pain & Dementia: common challenges for care managers.

In this report, PainChek discusses the importance of effectively managing pain for people living with dementia, highlights the common challenges care managers face on a daily basis in assessing pain, and explores how new assistive technology can help overcome these challenges.

PainChek® was launched in the UK earlier this year to support care providers in effectively and accurately assessing pain for people living with dementia and cognitive impairments. Its medical device, which comes in the form of a downloadable app, walks users through a comprehensive assessment process, combining traditional methods derived from tools such as the Abbey Pain Scale with innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The PainChek® technology uses AI (facial detection and analysis technology) and smart automation to identify micro-facial expressions associated with pain, giving a voice to those who cannot articulate their pain.

PainChek is pleased to offer KiCA members of 5% discount of license fees. Get in touch for more information:

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