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Christie & Co are passionate about the care sector and have a strong pedigree in the market, routinely selling more than 50% of all individually transacted care homes.
We work across the whole business spectrum, from advising the smallest single operator to the largest portfolios, enabling us to truly understand the operating levers and market dynamics of the healthcare businesses which we advise and transact. We have a considerable market presence in the sector, having advised c.100,000 operational beds in the last 12 months.
Our relationships with care operators allowed us to carry out extensive, market-wide research and enabled us to be at the forefront of the debate on the nursing shortage with our 2015 research document ‘The UK Nursing Workforce, Crisis or Opportunity’ which was widely acclaimed. In 2016, this was followed up with ‘Funding, Staffing & the Bottom Line’, another market-leading research document.
Through our regional office network, we are able to blend local expertise with a national perspective supported by in-depth research and data, so whether your care home is local, regional or national, we can help you make decisions with confidence.
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