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Say hello to our new sponsor DirectCareHub

27 August 2021


 August 27, 2021

Say hello to our new sponsor the DirectCareHub. So very pleased to have them on board helping our members with their temporary staffing recruitment.

Read about them here 👇

Access affordable, local carers easily and quickly with DirectCareHub.

Designed by carers, for carers and care providers. We’ve created real value in temporary staffing recruitment.

Care Providers achieve seriously impressive savings using us, while carers earn a much higher hourly rate. We only charge a small % management fee per hour.

All carers are fully vetted, interviewed, qualified, with at least 2 years experience. They are also double vaccinated and regularly test for Covid, which we monitor and record.

Full support given to you and DirectCareHub self-employed Carers, including independent mediation services.

You’ll not only gain significant saving by using us, you can get additional value for money by taking the opportunity to contact Edify Training, our associated training partner, and get a 25% discount on your staff training costs and no set up costs. Just mention DirectCareHub. There’s no obligation to use us. Think of it as a big ‘thank you’ from us for your amazing work throughout the very difficult times you’ve all been through.

Register Interest here or call us on 0207 205 2553

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