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1 July 2020


 July 1, 2020
financial support for care workers in crisis

The Care Workers’ Charity has opened up the Covid-19 Emergency Fund to include more support roles in care settings.

The CWC now has funding to support more roles within a care home setting (in addition to those we already support, i.e., Care Workers directly delivering care). These additional roles include – Cooks/Kitchen Assistants, Housekeepers or Domestic Workers, Maintenance staff, Drivers and Admin staff (Team Leaders/Supervisors and Personal Assistants). This will be on a case by case basis and till funds last!

Grants will be offered on a case by case basis and are available while funds last.

For applicants who have had their income reduced due to self-isolating for 2 weeks or shielding for 12 weeks, they may be entitled to a grant between £500 and £1000. Find out more here:

The Charity has also offering grants of £2k for funeral costs available if a person working as a care worker or supporting role in a care setting passes away OR to cover funeral costs if next of kin passes away.

Grants related to self-isolation or other unexpected costs:
£500 (2 weeks of self-isolation)
Up to £2,000 (12 weeks of shielding)
Up to £2,000 for funeral costs.

If a care worker is responsible for paying for the funeral costs of a next of kin (partner, parent, sibling, child, or other on a case-by-case basis), CWC are offering up to £2000 grants/per applicant (till funds last!) . If the care worker has passed on, the next of kin of employer may apply on behalf of the family.


Due to limited funds – Please DO NOT apply:

  • If you are currently in receipt of financial support or have access to funds (in response to the Covid-19 pandemic), from the Company you work with (this includes Furlough) or are already applying for funding under the Solihull Council scheme.
  • If you have already received a grant from us – COVID-19 Emergency Grants are limited to one grant per applicant. Please do not apply twice or re-apply (if already awarded/ declined) as you will NOT be supported.



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