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KiCA is calling all LD/ MH/ PH D providers in Medway and Kent

26 July 2016


 July 26, 2016

KiCA is calling all LD/ MH/ PH D providers in Medway and Kent to meet and share the hurdles the Health and Social care sector are facing both now and in the future. KICA is interested in your challenges so that we can represent your views at trade association meetings with KCC and Medway in order to influence policy and strategy. It is in everyone’s interest that our care businesses remain sustainable and that we continue to achieve good outcomes for the most vulnerable people in our care.
Sharing the issues will make us stronger and learning from each other’s experience will increase our knowledge and confidence in confronting what is wrong and supporting what is right.

KiCA is seeking to support you with achieving a fair price in a turbulent environment.

We are therefore planning a meeting on Wednesday 14th of September at 10.30 am at our Rochester offices in Medway. In order to focus our efforts we would like you to register your attendance with Ruth and share the main issues.

Please, register your attendance before 9th of September 2016.
We really hope you can make it and look forward to making a difference to your business and the people you support.

What are the main challenges for you in 2016-2017?

What help and support are you looking for? What difference can KICA make to you?

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