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NCM Estates FAQ guide available

25 April 2016


 April 25, 2016

An estates ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ guide has been developed and made available on NHS networks via the following link: Estate issues FAQ guide.  This is also attached. The document is intended to act as a helpful reference tool for both pioneer and vanguard sites on their estates plans to support new care model delivery.

Estate Issues FAQ guide – v1.3

The questions and answers captured in the document reflect emerging issues and key considerations, signposting the reader to useful information, existing guidance and tools, external sources of support and contact details. The issues covered include:

Strategic estates planning;

Accessing capital;

Estate ownership; and

Estates disposals

The aim is to keep the document ‘live’ by updating it periodically so that all pioneers and vanguards benefit from a shared and consolidated response to recurring issues and questions.

If you would like to discuss the guide, have useful information, issues and learning to add and/or would like to discuss estates matters further then please do not hesitate to contact Liam Paul at or Ian Ellis at NHS England.

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