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Membership News - Feb 2015 - Surveys for Feedback

10 March 2015


 March 10, 2015
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Please Help us with gathering information via the following Surveys

As discussed with manyof our members and sectors partners part of the role of KiCA is to engage with the Sector on a new Level. We aim to gather more information from our membership to help support many of the conversations we have with local authority.As with everything in our sector evidence is key:

Attached are 2 surveys below:

1: This survey looks at the new DPD system and Contract in place for Care Homes and Nursing Homes in Kent – we would like your feedback on how this system is working for you and what you have found since its inception in 2014. All answers are anonymous so feel free to express your points in the comments section:

KCC DPS Provider Survey – Click This Link

2: A partnership of the Kent Integrated Care Alliance and the South East Health Technologies Alliance (SEHTA –see has recognised that provision of care could benefit from the more widespread adoption of digital technologies (information and communication, telecare, telehealth etc).

In order to understand how best to help you develop your business by using digital technologies, we are asking you to complete the questionnaire by clicking on the link……This should only take 10 minutes of your time and our findings will be anonymised and circulated to respondents. If you could complete this by Monday 16th March, we would be very grateful.

SEHTA / KICA Survey for Providers in all forms of Care – Click the Link

We look forward to your responses

Lets work together for a brighter – fairer future for Care in Kent #careinkent

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