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Private Dental Care Provided at Home

Good oral and dental health become increasingly important as we age but all too often dental care is difficult to access or gets overlooked when a patient goes into residential care or becomes housebound. Due to regulatory changes it has become almost impossible to find a dentist who will make home visits but the Mobile Dentist Company was registered with The Care Quality Commission specifically to do this.

We have provided a private dental service for care home residents and the housebound throughout Kent since 2012 – our dental teams visit using portable equipment and digital x-ray and can offer the majority of treatments available in a conventional surgery.

Contact us for information about individual appointments or our new on-site dental clinic contracts which bring regular dental and denture care to residents for a fraction of the weekly cost of care.

Example: Cost of a half-day dental clinic every two months for a home registered for30 beds = £4.80 approx per resident per week.

Treatments included in the clinic price are: examination, scale & polish, simple fillings, extraction of mobile teeth where medical history is suitable, smoothing of sharp tooth surfaces, denture cleaning, denture marking with patient’s initials and denture easing. We provide you with a letter explaining the service and a consent form to send to the patients/families and after each clinic you receive a report sheet with a note of each patient seen and any treatment given for your files.

Residents have regular check-ups, ideally every six months and hygiene treatments/denture cleaning with a view to preventing dental problems from arising but if they do, we can deal with them relatively quickly. Once the home has the clinic dates, staff can triage the patients for each clinic so we see a mixture of patients in pain, patients having check-ups and those having on-going treatment.

Improving and monitoring oral health contributes to general health and well-being, enables patients to eat better and helps meet CQC outcomes.

Providing access to dental care complies with NICE Guidelines on Oral Health for Adults in Care Homes 2016

We are a friendly team and can help you with a solution to your dental access needs.

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