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Project Description

Digital care planning lets you spend your time where it makes a difference

The reality at many care homes is that less time is spent on care, as an increased workload and heaps of paperwork steals the time available for care. Digital care planning is contrary to this letting your carers focus on your residents.

Like here at Quinton House: (Care England feature film)

More time for care

Sekoia is a tablet solution with different apps that provide access to all the information needed, right where it is needed. The result is enhanced care, fewer mistakes and greater job satisfaction.

Tailored to your needs

Sekoia provides the care staff with an overview of their daily tasks and enables an improved day-to-day management. Recording progress notes, sharing information and reporting observations and assessments, all happens with lightning speed at the touch of a button. More than 30 apps are put together according to care home requirements, to ease the workflow and ensure care that is based on individual needs.

User-friendliness above all

Sekoia has been developed and designed together with care homes to ensure that everyone can use it – without a manual and with no pre-requisite of technical know-how. Implementation crew helps care staff feel safe without the paperwork, and homes are typically up and running within short time; smooth and efficient.

[Facts & Figures/ Statistics]

1 hour per staff member per shift!

Sekoia customers are making huge reductions to the time their staff spends on paperwork and documentation. For example, the care home in the film above has reduced its paperwork with more than 1 hour per healthcare assistant per shift.

50% fewer mistakes and untoward events

Most care homes reduce their number of incidents – by preventing loss of information at handover to colleagues and temporary staff. In many places, the reduction is more than 50%. Incidents, observations and assessments are reported and logged in real time, date stamped and recorded.


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