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Florence is an online platform that helps nursing home managers fill RGN rota gaps without the need for recruitment agencies. By streamlining the entire hiring process, nursing home managers can instantly find high quality staff whilst saving money. Without agencies in the equation, care home managers are able to save between 15-30% on their monthly staffing costs. Homes can use Florence to create a profile, post available shifts and then select from a database of pre-vetted RGNs. Managers can see each nurse’s training, compliance documentation and feedback from previous engagements.

The main benefits of using Florence over traditional agencies are:

  • Lower costs: Care Homes can save up to 25% on their monthly RGN spend using our web platform
  • Improved compliance: All nurses undergo rigorous pre-employment checks and their compliance documents are visible for you to see
  • Better quality: post-engagement feedback means that managers can select staff on performance from previous engagements.
  • FREE to recruit full time nurses: If you would like to recruit a nurse from the Florence platform for a full time role, we won’t charge you any commission.
    Florence is already being seen as a simple cost-effective solution to the RGN recruitment crisis in London and the South East.

If you would like to try the service, we are offering all members of KiCA 1-month’s commission-free recruitment. To register your interest or start booking pre-vetted nurses today, simply follow this link: or email us

Phone number: 020 3911 2555
Contact: James Levine