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Transparency and building relationships are the foundations of our business.

We strive to be the most respected partner in the energy consultancy sector and value our reputation with customers and suppliers, seeking to build our business through word of mouth referrals and recommendations.

We help organisations reduce their energy operating costs through a range of energy procurement services and bespoke energy management solutions. Our expertise covers all areas ranging from utility supply contract negotiation, account management and query resolution through to arranging new electricity and gas connections and meter installations.

We follow the OFGEM TPI Principles of Conduct, which ensure we conduct our business and our relationships with customers with honesty, respect, accuracy, transparency, customer-focused and professionalism.


Why businesses choose us

Dunore Consultancy are a knowledge based consultancy and we are proud that much of our continued growth can be attributed to referrals and recommendations. We work across all sectors of industry and commerce, with a particularly strong presence within the education, hospitality and manufacturing sector.

Whether you are simply looking to obtain a competitive gas and electricity contract, or you wish to outsource every aspect of your energy management, we have a range of services that can help you meet your goals.



View our portfolio of energy management and procurement services to see how we can help your business save money


Energy Procurement

We work with our clients to identity the requirements needed when looking at securing contracts. Using our supplier relationships and openness around costs will see the client receive a fully managed tender within an agreed timescale.

At Dunore Consultancy we offer 2 types of energy procurement:


If you value certainty and would like to protect your business from wholesale energy price increases, a fixed contract allows you to lock in the price for an agreed period. Contract terms available from 12 months to 60 months.

The benefits of fixed energy tariffs:

  • Gives you the protection against any market increases that may occur over the term you have agreed.
  • Providing budget certainty by controlling your energy budget for your business and reducing risk to overspend.
  • Straight forward contracts and billing


A flexible gas or electricity contract allows businesses to make energy purchasing decisions during the life of the contract, taking advantage of advantageous market conditions and helping lower costs and reduce energy overheads.

The benefits of flexible energy contracts:

  • No minimum or maximum usage caps. Re-forecast consumption during the contract term to maximise costs savings and avoid volume penalties.
  • Multiple purchases made over time provides greater opportunity to achieve purchasing savings and will spread the risk of a volatile market and the impact on your business


Account Management

Our clients are offered a dedicated managed service to assist our clients with all issues relating to utilities. Billing queries, HH Meter contract, data requests and KVA analysis we have it all covered.

Energy Monitoring & Reduction

Dunore Consultancy works with market leading partners to provide energy monitoring systems which helps you fully understand your energy usage and areas of waste.

Our partner provides leading global energy management solutions. They take pride in supporting our customers, helping them to reduce energy consumption, costs and carbon emissions by up to 30%.

We pull together both FM and IT departments to create a unified end-to-end energy management solution. No matter the size of your organisation our team will work closely with you to create a suitable energy management solution based around your unique requirements.

New Connections

At Dunore Consultancy we can provide a fully project managed service for any new utility connection. With full UK coverage speak to us about any up and coming projects from Electricity, Gas and Water Network Design to meter upgrades.

Water Services

Our water partnerships provide our clients with services to ensure that businesses are only paying for the water that they use and a range of procurement services. By working with the experts in this sector means our clients are getting a full end-to-end consultation service.

Partnerships / Consultancy Services

By partnering with Dunore Consultancy you can offer your members or clients a range of utility services that can help them reduce their energy and water consumption.

Please contact us to lean more.

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