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Cura Systems have developed the most comprehensive care management solutions for your care home.

We offer intelligent and modern care planning, medication management, notes and monitoring. By using our suite of applications, your care team will have more time to care for your residents and will feel more confident and reassured whilst performing their care tasks. Together we can go further to safeguard your residents and Care Workers.

Wouldn’t it be a revelation to remove the use of paper within your care home? Cura Systems use images, videos and fully digital modern care planning, monitoring and medication management to evidence delivery of care to families, friends and the CQC. You will have access to a full data trail to prove you are delivering outstanding care to the CQC and Cura Systems ensures your data is securely stored, this is really important to us.

Cura systems are tailored for each resident as we believe it is vital that care delivery is about the person. We give you the tools to achieve person centred care and monitor health trends and individual residents’ outcomes.

We understand you and your team are the experts on health and social care, the resident is the expert on themselves and how they feel and we are the experts on easy to use, modern care IT systems. We need to work together to deliver continually outstanding care. We pride ourselves on best-in-class support and service. Our dedicated team will support and guide you through your adoption of Cura Systems.

Cura makes providing care more meaningful, more engaging and more valuable. Take a giant leap for your home today.

  • We offer the most comprehensive solution for your demanding needs
  • We are incredibly responsive to your needs
  • We focus on simplifying your workflow
  • We know we cannot succeed without you
  • Our service is personal to you
  • We create valuable relationships with our customers
  • Security of your data is of utmost importance to us

For more information or to arrange a demonstration, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.


Cura Systems

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