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The team here at Inaspect have been developing innovative software solutions for many years and we are passionate about creating good solutions that solve complex problems.  It has taken us some time to get c360 to where we want it to be and to be honest there is still so much that we are doing to bring new features to our ever growing platform.  

We want to empower operators to improve the quality and efficiency of the service they provide.  Our solution aims to improve the quality of healthcare by allowing providers to monitor compliance, quality standards and staffing and reduce the time spent on administration.

The management team is based in London and you are welcome to come and visit us.  We are also happy to come and see you so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Stop the paperwork

Get back to caring

c360 manages all the things that you need to record in your care home on a daily basis.  Do it all in one place and automatically share information with anyone anywhere.

Get efficient with:

  • Forms to capture incidents
  • Automate reports to the CQC
  • Integrated action plans
  • Self inspection CQC rating tools that prove compliance.

We configure c360 for your service, regardless of size or number of homes.

Care home reporting tools



See everything related to your care home operation all in one place with intelligent dashboards that create reports for you at the click of a button.  Your information is displayed in a way that relates to CQC inspection criteria

Create excel spreasheet reports that prove CQC compliance, instantly anytime anywhere.

Keep your own existing spreadsheet report layout or use our industry approved templates at no extra cost.