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Mock CQC Inspections and audits from an ex CQC Social Care Inspector


I can provide independent auditing, professional guidance, risk assessments, and action planning and implementation to ensure CQC compliance.

Here is an outline of the ways we can help your organisation.

Domiciliary / Care Home Compliance Audits – Regulation 17 imposes a duty on all care providers and care homes to undertake regular audits. I will produce an independent audit report that will help you to become aware of your strengths and limitations in regards to regulatory compliance. The report will be exception based and RAG (Red, Amber Green) rated and will identify any events that are outside the scope of what is considered a normal range. The goal of the report is to identify any factors that are not considered to be within acceptable parameters, making it possible to take actions that help to minimise or eliminate exceptions and increase overall efficiency and compliance with CQC.

CQC Inspections and Enforcement – Whether you require our expert support “pre”, “during” or “post” a CQC inspection we can help. I will ensure that you are always ready to undergo any CQC inspections and will provide the recommendations and support required to rectify any shortfalls I can support and guide you through the CQC regulations and fundamental standards. I can also offer you    informative and relevant training, support and direction in this key area.

I have years of experience built from working within the health and social care sector at senior levels and were previous Care Quality Commission Inspectors. If you manage or run a care home then it makes sense to have me act as a single point of contact for all issues affecting your service.


R Pettiford CV

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Robert Pettiford BA(Hons) DMS ACIM